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Needs Info on 2007 Yamaha FX H.O

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Hey, everyone I'm new to the forum, I going to sell my car today and going to buy Jet skies and I'm looking at pair of 2007 Yamaha FX H.O price is too good for two skies I think about $5000, so I just want a make sure its good skies and according to his post "like new condition" in and out, so can you guys tell me about your experience, what I should look for or where.
Thank you for you support guys.
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$5000 is too low for even one 2007 FX HO in running condition. Watch out for scams. If you found this on Craig's list there is a constant scam running all accross the country. They post photos of nice looking skis on a trailer and when you contact them there will be some story about how they have to sell them way below cost. The catch will be that the skis are at a shipping company and they will ship them for free, but you can't look at them before you buy, and you will have to purchase through PayPal (Ebay) to make it safe. Of course they will tell you that there have been lots of offers, so you have to act fast to get the skis...............Stay clear of these deals. They must be working to rip many people off, because they continue to run these ads all across the country. I've seen several ads for a pair of 06 or 07 FX HOs selling for around $5000, and many others offering a single ski and trailer for $2100.

A nice single 2007 FX HO with a trailer and less than 100 hours will typically sell for a minimum price of $6500-$7000. You would be very lucky to get a 2 ski package for less than $12000. 2 skis for $5000 = something is seriously wrong with the skis, or it is a scam.
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