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New guy looking for information.

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Hello all, my name is Matt. I am new to the world of PWC but, not new to riding. As member of several other online forums (,,, I know the best knowledge is always just around the corner. I am very interested in getting a new PWC, been looking into the Yamaha line of machines, specifically the GP1300R. I really want a fast machine, nothing I am going to grow out of too quick. I have a few questions. What brand of machine has the best reliability? Approximatly how much can I expect for maintenance costs? What makers offer the best value? Specifically what machine would you suggest for a 240 pound 6'2 man? Can you have a rider and tow a tube with most of the models out there, not at the same time? Well I guess this is enough questions for now. I look forward to your replies, thanks in advance. Matt
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The GP1300R might not be the best idea for a man of your stature, that is if you want to have an extra passenger. The maximum capacity for the GP1300R is 352lbs so your passenger would have to weigh less than 112lbs. If solo riding, or a small passenger, is fine for you then it would work, but I would also take a look at the RXP. It is a 4stroke with a closed loop cooling system (so there's no spout of water out the back). It has a slightly higher top end but probably won't beat the GP1300R in acceleration. If you really are looking for a pwc to share with your friends and family the RXT is also a good choice, its more powerful than the bigger Yamaha's. Also has a ski eye at the rear, perfect for pulling a tube or a skier. I am about the same size as you (220lbs, 6"1) and my RXT is great for me, tons of power, handling and speed.
I am about your size and we just got a 2002 gtx limited. Had it out about 6 times so far and this thing is great . I had myself and a "Bigger" sister inlaw and one of the kids and this thing still got up and went. So if your looking for a used one this might be a good option. It also has the eye to pull a tube. We hit 60mph (per the onboard cluster). It is also very stable. We hit some pretty good wakes and it just keeps on truckin'. This is the first ski I owned and I am very pleased with it so far. 155hp is perfect for me so far. It is a 4 stroke so no worry about oil. It is closed cooling loop. Hope this helps.

Totally forgot about the GTX, those things are like the cadillacs of pwc's!!! Another great choice.
In PA you have to have a 3 seater to tow a tube 1-driver, 2-observer, 3-a place for the person on the tube. Not sure what the law is wherever you are at.
I am leaning more toward the RXT now. For a number of reasons. It has alot of features, towing, passengers, and power. What kind of maintenance does this machine require? Is it user maintenance? Can it be done with regular home tools? What would be a good price for one new?

On Memorial day me and my girl went out to Lake Mead (Las Vegas, NV). We rented a Yamaha VX110 sport. When we arrived at the Lake there were 5-10 mph winds, the lake was a bit choppy. To me that was perfect I love rough riding. My girlfriend was a bit skeptical but she ended up enjoying the ride. When we first headed out we were heading into the wind for a brief period (about 3 miles) toward Hoover Dam. Then we decided to cross the lake to Callville Marina (about 8-10 miles) with the wind at our backs. The ride was rough for her but I was having a blast. On the way back we cut right across the Lake and it was really rough, again a great time for me. She did really well only asked me to slow down a few times because she needed to adjust her grip. When we returned we learned the winds were average around 20-25 MPH. It was rough but what a blast. The VX110 only got us up to about 40-45 MPH, but I was having a great time. I cant wait to go again.

Are the any riders in the Vegas area on here?
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They're really low maintenance. It’s a four stroke so you don't have to worry about oil that much. They have a 10 hour maintenance check performed by the dealer (for the first 10 hours of the break-in period they tend to run rich on the oil) and after that it should be set with just a seasonal inspection. As long as you flush out the engine after each use it should be fine. DON'T GO CRAZY FOR THE FIRST 10-15 HOURS!!! Seriously, break it in like the dealer tells you to, if don't you lose top-end speed and it can also wreck engine parts and blow out the supercharger. No user maintenance other than flushing out the engine and washing off the body really well. Mine was $18,000 BUT I had to ship it to my home in Bermuda so that’s where the extra cost came in. You should be looking to pay anything from $12,000 to $14,000 (plus trailer, some places might throw one in as well if you’re lucky). They’ll run around 20mph faster than that VX110. Good luck and have fun.
My feedback would be this.

There is no ski that is the best of everything - ie. the fastest and the best storage capacity and the best in rough water and the best fuel ecconomy and the most reliable and the best in rough water and the best at tricks and the hardest turning ski.

Everything has a compromise... I would firstly work out a list of what you are looking for and give each feature a priority.

if you want a good rough water handling machine with great fuel ecconomy and very good reliability which handles rough water exceptionaly well(soft ride) and stable - then look at a Yamaha FXHO.

If you are looking for a fuel guzzler with lots of straight line accelleration and decent reliability - Kwaka Ultra 250

Seadoo's RCP/RXT's have had a LOT of troubles with their superchargers with the washer's that explode and cause severe engine damage - there are third party companies thta make replacement washers that apparently don't explode and people in the know are swapping them before it happens to them - I believe this is a major job?

Honda seems like a good all rounder too - good fuel economy I hear - although a bit of a "wet ride".

It all depends on what you want to do...

The GP is a great machine for slalom racing... lots of fun - but not a ski for cruising long distances on... from what I understand...
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Okay well I have done some searching around. Right now I could get a 2006 New Sea-Doo RXT for 10775 out the door tax, and 2 year warranty included. Is that a good deal?
Well, I will be picking up my new 2006 RXT on Wendsday. I cant wait. Are there any riders in the Vegas area around?
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