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Hey guys, I recently picked up my first seadoo, a 98 sltx 1050, the thing was in pieces when i bought it for 200 bucks. it looks like the last guy must have ran dry on the oil, the damage was both outer cyl's, they had blown the rings right off, and massive indentations in the pistons, and heads. So since ive had it the last 3 months, I've pulled everything apart cleaned er up and replaced all the gas/oil lines, cleaned out the tanks, re-assembled pretty much everything, got the cyl's bored out .75 over, got new pistons, opened up bottom end and crank and bearings look/feel brand new.

Now my first question is, what all do i need to do to bypass the oil pump. do i just need to remove the unit and add the cover? Should i keep the unit and not premix ? the unit seems to be working fine, and most of the lines seemed to be ok, so i don't know if the guy ran dry or what happened.I know i'de feel better knowing my oil is in the gas.

Second, the last guy i got it from who pulled the motor out of it just cut the wire harness about half way between the motor and cdi box. I was planning on just soldering and shrinkin the wires, but will this cause any problems? will it be ok if i do that or do i need a new harness?

And now lastly.. i have been searching on this site and others for any type of info on this machine as i don't know to much about it ie) reliability, areas to improve or modify etc. if anyone could shed some light it would be awesome !
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