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Hello everyone.

My name is Brian. I recently recived two pwcs for trade of services. I just now finally got both titles so this week will be very busy with reg. them both.

The first one is a 198-? something Jet Ski X-2 by KAW. By over looking the ski I have notice it is heavily modified. It has a 38MM carb, aftermarket exhaust, water box, L-S intake grate, Skat Trak 16.5 pitch impreller and a HUGE pump, and ride plate. Not sure if the 550cc motor is the one in it anymore there is not casting numbers or cc info on it. It also has ocen pro handle bars.

The second one is a 1985 Jet Ski 550 SX SAME skis just this one is stand up. It appears to be BONE stock.

My questions are. Does anyone know the stock pitch of the stand up?
What does the exhaust water box do? Whats the advantage of aftermarket?
What is a good pitch for the impeller? I like to go FAST.
What is the advantage to changing out the ride plate, intake grate, and pump?
Whats the quickest way to get power out of my stand up? I'm affraid my sit down is going to tear up my stand up. The wife won't ride the stand up so I can let her beat me on flat out races between the two... You know.... male ego.

Any info would be great. Thanks in advance.
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