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Hey everyone!

This is my first post in this forum, however I am an active member in several other forums for my streetbikes and motocross bikes.

I do not have a PWC as of yet but am in the market since it is winter time and I am hopefully going to pick up something for somewhat of a deal that may need work haha.

My friend has gotten me into watercrafts last summer as we all live in Southern Ontario and have access to Lake Erie and Ontario. We have spent many days on his girlfriends beach and he let me ride his Polaris SL750 and I was instantly hooked. Then last summer he brought home his newest purchase which was a Polaris SLX780... man the smiles got bigger. Both in my opinion awesome machines. So we rode those last summer and now I have decided to get into it and get my own.

I guess first off I would just really liked some opinions on the 650, 750 and 780. Me and my buddy have a line on a 650 for $300 Canadian but needs motor work. Im thinking its a decent way to get my feet wet... literally.

Thanks everyone and hopefully we will see ya around the forum!
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