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I'm new to this forum, and new to jet skis. I just picked up a pair of 89 Kawisaki skis for a song - I got a running 1989 X-2 and a running 1989 650SX. I rode the x-2 for about 10 minutes, and I have not rode the 650sx. I have a long list of questions, but I want to make sure everything is all set before I put them in the lake next weekend. If you can answer any one of these questions with any authority, I would be very thankful.

1. Both have the bilge ports siliconed over, and the X-2 has a non-automatic 500gph Rule Pump. From browsing the forum, I gather that I should probably get a bilge in both. Do I need an automatic? I'm a beginner, so there wont be any submarining this year. Do I just leave the bilge running the while time I'm skiing, or do I only turn it on to drain the ski when I'm finished? I dont want my ski sinking.

2. If the ski sinks, does it go to the bottom of the lake, or does it stay near the surface?

3. There is a little bowl in the front of both skis - I guess its a fuel/water separator. One ski has fuel on the top, and something else below the fuel... probably water. The other ski's bowl is completely empty. There is a like that terminates somewhere under the handlebars. What is the handlebar fuel line supposed to do? Why is one of the bowls empty? Maybe has the ski been modified?

4. The x2 has a cap with a gauge for the engine oil next to the gas line. Underneath there is just a float on a metal line, apparently where the oil tank was removed. I've never worked on an oil injection 2 cycle before - is there anything I should check to make sure the tank removal was done properly? What is a block-off plate, what does it look like, and where does it go?

5. Both skis are 1989, and neither have safety kill lanyards. The 650 seems to turn the handlebars by itself when idling, but the x-2 seems to go straight. What have others done to solve this problem? I'm between an aftermarket (cole hersee) or a kawasaki kill switch from a newer compatible ski. Has anyone come up with a good free fix? I heard about someone that turned the idle down low enough that it wont run w/o throttle. Anyone else done this? How well does it work to just bungee the handlebars to the side and let it circle around you?

6. When looking at the stop switch (to figure out how to wire in a lanyard), a single ball bearing and a tiny spring fell out. I couldnt figure these out, and I put it back together without it. Seems fine. What did those do?

7. Everyone complains about 89's steering. How do I tell if I have direct steer, or if it has been modified? Steering LOOKS fine to me, but I wouldnt know the difference.

8. Finally, is there anywhere to get a PDF of the service manual, or do I need to buy one directly from Kawasaki's website?

Thanks for reading!!
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