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Hello all,

I just picked up a 2007 250x with 35 hours and been having some issues with it.
First the battery was low which lead to a few other problems. I took care of that this weekend, but now I am experiencing the following which was never there before:

It turned on without a problem but when I put it in the water (I keep it on a float), it felt like it was ridding a bit rough and vibrating too much.
I gave it some gas and it had a deep growl and didn't rev up too freely. I though it was because I didn't let it warm up, so I rode around slowly for a few minutes then tried to open it up. I went full throttle, but it felt like it had half power and only reved up to 5k RPM and barely got up to 30mph on the speedo. Boost was all the way up, but it was stuck at 30mph and ~5k RPM as if I had the SLO key in.

It did this for a few times, then it would feel as if it would break out of this phase and 90% power was restored. I could hear the supercharger whine up, and I was accelerating and doing 50-53mph (completely flat calm water). Then when I would let off, same shit; it would go back to half power and only 30mph. This repeated over and over for a good 15-20 minutes till I gave up and returned. home.
When idling, it would stall very easily. I could turn it on but needed to give it some throttle to get it going or else it would stall again.

It was riding perfectly fine a few days ago with the old battery even though I kept getting a 'BAT' warning since it sat on that battery all winter.
Also, it revs fine when it's out of the water and I could hear the supercharger whine too.

Any ideas what would cause this?
Could it have sucked something up in the impeller?
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