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New to the forum from Georgia

Well Just my luck I inquired a 1995 See Doo GTX. The Motor does not run.. This was givin to me by a guy I work with. (it was his Uncles)

Before it sat for the last 2 years and it floated just fine but he blew the motor or it locked up or something....
The overall condition id pretty good the seat does need to be recovered but that is not a problem I have the hook up on that..

So will I be better off just replacing the motor or trying to have it rebuilt? I have been told there was motor work done to it to Hop it up in Performance but not 100% sure what.. I know racing pistons have been put in... I would like to end up with less than $1000 in getting this thing on the water and looking good.. But not sure if that can happen or not..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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