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Neither of those skis is really designed for jumping waves as their primary duty. Don't get me wrong, I do it all the time on my FX, but not for hours at a time. They are both more crusier types. Don't be surprised when you break a motor mount on the FX.........common problem on this ski if you ride it rough.

My guess on the cutting off of the FX would be the tilt detection switch. It is designed to stop the engine if the ski goes over a certain angle (I'm thinking it is 60 degrees, but may be wrong) to prevent the engine from injesting water. You may need to have the switch looked at and adjusted as it may off on one side or the other and hitting the switch when you bang down off a big wave.

I don't think the VX has a bilge pump and that is probably why you are noticing more water with it. The FX should have one. You could pretty easily install an automatic bilge pump for fairly cheap on the VX. The VX is the entry model and not sealed that well, but none of them are going to keep water out if you bury the nose in the water. I don't know of a good way to seal it, but a bilge pump should keep it reasonably dry.

Also you probably have an FX HO like mine and not the supercharged SHO, since Yamaha didn't produce the SHO until 2008.........still a great ski.

Looks like you got a good deal on the skis. Have FUN!
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