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Just picked up a 94 SL650 for the extreme cost of $0.00. :appl:

I already know it needs the carbs rebuilt and I need to change over to the 3 way fuel pump. Plan on doing a top end rebuild over the winter. So far nothing I can't tackle myself. Sorry for the long first post.

Just ordered my service manual and have a few questions about some hoses that I think the PO messed up.

The first to are at the stern. One end of each goes out the hull by the shaft. Where do these connect? They are clear hoses and look to be 1/2" ID.

Next there is a 1/4" ID hose that goes along the hull to the bow. It's also clear.

The next is at the bow under the storage compartment. One end goes to the gas tank. Other end appears to have a check valve on it, or it's just a male to male hose connector.

The last is under the steering in the console. It goes through the hull, behind the oil tank but has nothing else attached to it. Is this just a vent hose?

Now that those are out of the way, have what should be a simple one. The fuel sender was already removed and from what I have been able to find so far it should have a wire going to it. I've already found a new one (not cheap), should this have a wire or should I not even bother to repair & just replace? Can I run the ski without the sender?

Thanks all!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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