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As a preface I have previously owned an 05 virage and a 94ish raider.

I just purchased a 90 WR650 from a guy. He said it was in decent shape but had bad gas and a bad battery. I was able to hook a known good battery to it and get a compression check (150/155). But when we went to start it the starter couldnt turn the engine over with both plugs in. and the wires to the starter were getting hot. I figured that there were bad connections etc but wanted to make sure the test battery I brought wasnt low so I jumped it from my truck. This made no difference.

I brought it home and started tearing it apart (pulled the engine to get to the starter) As I went further I found out that the + lead to the starter was loose probably causing it to not turn over, but the starter looks like hell as well so I have a replacement coming from Ebay.

I also found that the intermediate shaft (might be using the wrong term) bearing was completely destroyed both seals for the bearing were gone and the shaft is shot. Also the mount that bolts to the firewall (again corrent my terminology was in bad shape) To replace all that I purchased this:

Yamaha Wave Runner III 6R8 Mid Shaft Jetski Jet Ski PWC:eBay Motors (item 270424946015 end time Oct-26-09 13:41:20 PDT)
It appears to be complete and in good shape.

I also just purchased a parts ski that appears to be complete -a blown engine and missing most of the engine and electronics (only paid $40 for it)

Ok so here are my questions:

1) I have heard about but could get no definite information on...Did I blow up my ignition by jumping it (the engine was running on the truck)

2) is the Starter bolt the best place to put the ignition ground wire?

3) when I remove the two head bolts that allow me to remove the carb, other than torquing them back down is there anything else I need to do to avoid warping the head?

4)Does anyone have a picture or can they give me more information on the the rearmost seal setup on the intermediate shaft (not the bearing stuff)

5)is there anything else I need to know about, tips or tricks for this ski?

Sorry for the long post and thanks!
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