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owner's manuals

Kawasaki does not like people to pass free manuals around on the web.... they call it copyright infringement.
That's too bad, because other brands freely distribute theirs. I don't know why Kawasaki wants to irritate 2nd and 3rd owners of their machines, because that's where new customers may come from after they get "hooked".
Still, some sources do show up from time to time. You can search the various forums, but if the posting is very old, the download link probably doesn't work anymore.
You can get a free OWNER'S manual directly off the Kawasaki site, and that's a good place to start.
The Maintenence or Shop or Repair manuals are harder to find free, but Kawasaki does sell some. E-Bay has some cheap, probably bootlegged, copies on CD.
I found that the free owner's manual got me a lot of the simple info I needed. Then I found some generic, not quite specific to my model, downloads that give good info in general.
There is a 3rd party writeup that can often be found for free that covers all kawi models from '92-99. Also I've seen various sources for a shop manual for Kawi 750 SX and SXI that will cover basic 750 engine info, so it would be helpful to other model owners too.
So, do some searches, and good luck.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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