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New Products Thread for October 2007

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LazerRope Jet Ski Docking Systems staff​

LazerRope™ Docking Systems announced today that it has begun the manufacturing of its revolutionary retractable docking and line storage product for personal watercraft, Tornado™.The product will begin shipping in late October, and the company expects to begin receiving orders during the first week of October.

With the help of NASA-funded Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP), LazerRope is introducing three new space-age products to the marine industry, the Tornado™, Hurricane™ and Tsunami™. “From personal watercraft to yacht-class vessels, our products are designed to help you secure your vessel efficiently without all the hassle you have become so used to,” said Hardy Johnson, co-founder and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of LazerRope.

“All of our products are engineered to be impervious to harsh saltwater environments, utilizing a system containing only two moving parts,” said John Wingate, co-founder, inventor and Chief Operating Officer of LazerRope. “Tornado™ (about the size of an orange) installs in minutes in the engine and storage compartment of your personal watercraft,” says Wingate. The LazerRope™ also passes back through its own LazerLoop™ to lasso practically any other type of dock extremity. Each unit contains up to 15' of 3000lb. Technora® dock line. Manufactured by Teijin, Technora® is an extremely strong, lightweight aramid fiber that offers a unique combination of properties.

Step into the future of boating with LazerRope’s new line of products.

About LazerRope Docking Systems

LazerRope™ Docking Systems, LLC is a Texas-based limited liability corporation, specializing in the manufacturing and sale of marine products, including patent-pending watercraft tie-down and dockline storage system products. LazerRope is a new venture that has been in an incubation stage since 2002, developing, testing and refining its product line, with the help of the NASA-funded Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (“SATOP”). By focusing on innovation and ingenuity, excellence and quality, reliability and efficiency, and integrity and customer service, LazerRope is dedicated to redefining the state of the art for docking and mooring systems. LazerRope’s vision is to revolutionize the art of docking and mooring of watercraft by creating and defining a new industry standard, and then to focus our business on capturing the market.

Contact LazerRope at:

P.O. Box 1003
Seabrook, Texas 77586


Welcome to LazerRope™ Docking System
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Inflatable Jet Ski simulator game

This 52-inch inflatable Jet Ski racer is part of a plug and play games system that simulates jet skiing - in your home. Complete with a foot pump for quick inflation, the six arcade-style games boast "realistic 16-bit graphics". The retailer states: "Once you climb aboard inflatable Jet Ski you will be bouncing and jouncing around just like real wave riders".

Cost is $70 at Jetski Video | firstSTREET | jet ski video, jet ski freestyle video, jet ski, interactive game, video game, game, water fun, | first STREET
Silent Running SR1000

Designed to replace the foam products in the engine compartment or anywhere you may have a noise or vibration concern.

SR1000 can be used on the hull, stringers, engine beds, bulkheads, ceilings, hatches, engine boxes, bow thrusters, generator covers and enclosures. SR1000 is designed as a “permanent” coating an d h as excellent adhesion to all metal, fiberglass, and wood. Silent Running does not contract or expand during curing, and can withstand temperatures from -30°F up to 275°F. With typical applications for which Silent Running was designed, we provide a 6-8 dBa reduction (roughly 60% of the audible noise) with the 40 mil minimum final application thickness.

Silent Running SR1000 has received USCG Approval (No. 164.112/74/0), European Union approval (No. 1408/04), Lloyds Registry Approval (SAS F060023), and meets or exceeds Section 10 of the IMO Resolution A.653 (16) and Resolution MSC.61 (67) for flammability and toxicity.

You can find additional information @ website Silent Running - high performance sound and vibration dampening coating for marine vessels.
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Kiwi Ski Development's latest product

Kiwi Ski Development proudly announces the latest additions to its Kiwi Jet Ski Rack product line…the Kiwi Ski Tow Bar and the Kiwi Ski Extensions With the newly designed Tow Bar, personal watercraft enthusiasts can incorporate the benefits of a Kiwi Jet Ski Rack while wakeboarding or towing.

The new Kiwi Tow Bar in association with a Kiwi Ski Rack opens the world of wakeboarding to personal watercraft operators and passengers who like to carry extra wakeboards, wetsuits, tow ropes and other items while out on the water. With the Tow Eye connection point out at the stern of the personal watercraft it allows the rope to have a full range of movement without interference while wakeboarding or towing.

Personal watercraft professionals and “good Samaritans” alike, with a Kiwi Ski Rack and Kiwi Ski Tow Bar have the ability to carry a wide range of safety equipment, extra fuel and tow small boats and other personal watercraft.

Other Kiwi Ski Accessories include the Kiwi Ski Extensions which enables the diver to carry spear guns safely. Kiwi Ski Gear Bag to carry dive gear, tow rope, wetsuits, food drink and extra clothing. Extra fuel containers can also be attached to the Kiwi Ski Rack.

For more information and to see the full line of Kiwi Ski Development products,

Go to Welcome to Kiwi Ski Development
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JetDock Floating Boat and Pwc Lifts

JetDock Floating Boat and Pwc Lifts

Drive-on docking is the new revolution in the boat lift and floating dock industry. Unlike conventional boat lifts, there is no more cranking or lifting your personal watercraft, sea-doo, jet ski, jet boat, outboard, stern drive, inboard, seaplane or high perforamnce watercarft up to 50'.

JetDock Pwc and Boat Lift Docks are the answer to your dry-docking needs. Your watercraft is kept high and dry, completely out of the water, without motors, gears, straps or cables like regular boat lifts or boat docks. And your Jet Dock floating Pwc or Boat Lift dock is down at water's level, never dangling your craft in the air or blocking your view.

Maintenance free with a Lifetime Warranty means your Jet Dock is the finest, most convenient floating boat lift made.

Floating docks, piers and walkways by Jet Dock are durable, modular, portable and changeable. Your Jet Dock floating boat dock can be moored to an existing dock, seawall, or where there is no dock at all. Jet Dock can even be left in the ice and is a remarkable survivor in storm or hurricane conditions.

You have invested deeply in waterside property, a mooring area and your boats and accessories. The one investment that will make it all fun and worthwhile is your Jet Dock floating boat lift and floating dock system. Jet Dock -- it's just no fun without it!

For More Info go to: JetDock Canada, The Ultimate floating dock, boat lifts and PWC Lifts Systems, Personal Watercraft Docks,boats,
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Kawasaki Ultra 250x Billet Jet Ski Steering System

Once again U.M.I. Racing is on the cutting edge of steering technology with the new Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 250X Billet Steering System. This system has been race proven by World Champion’s in both the Pacific & Atlantic Ocean.

Features include;

* Increased steering head angle, lowering steering head height, allowing for a more aggressive forward riding position and improved handling.
* Eliminated play or binding common to the factory steering systems.
* Stainless steel steering shaft rides in sealed bearings rather than plastic bushings.
* Steering head and bearing housing are anodized clear for corrosion protection.
* Steering head has O-ring seal designed to keep water out of the bearing housing.
* Utilizes factory off throttle steering electronics.


Part # KA-04608-250X

Retail $682.00

Available March 2007

Urschel Manufacturing, Inc.

U.M.I. Racing

7442 E. Butherus drive

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Phone 480-951-9029

Fax 480-951-3469

Email [email protected]
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PAC-RAC "Personal Water Craft Cargo Rack"


PAC-RAC "Personal Water Craft Cargo Rack"

Fits majority of all PWC. No tools or modification requited. Installation in about 2 minutes

There are 2 sizes: Model #2 fits 2 man PWC, with cargo area dimensions of 18" x 12" x 20.5"

Model #3 fits 3 man + PWC, with cargo area dimensions 21.5" x 14.5" x 20.5"

The racks come with large insulated cooler and a waterproof Nylon duffle bag as well as many straps to hold down your cargo.

In addition the rack is designed to carry up to 3 deluxe beach chairs, on the specially designed 38" handle.

The rack is made of 7/8" steel tube with a 1/8" plastic bed coat so to
insure from rust and corrosion.

Under the rack, the lower brackets are made of Stainless Steel...

There is no better made cargo rack, designed for the PWC market that compares.

The rack stays steady and firm at all speeds…

Rack #2 Retails for $200.00 / Rack #3 retails for$ 230.00

Freight and handling $35.00 any where in the USA

To order call 951.719.7370 or go to: Palicove, Inc. Home Page or you may e-mail: pac-rac
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DelfJet, the PWC dolphin

The DelfJet waterscooter is capable of 15 mph over the water and 7.5 mph underwater. The DelfJet is a combination of water scooter and jetski. Its design was inspired by the fast and elegant swimming style of dolphins. Offering extreme agility in water, the Delfjet proves that the ultimate hydrodynamic shapes still come from nature and changes completely the known restrictions of speed for human diving.

A control grip is used to regulate the Delfjet's speed. With its power limited to 5 HP, the Delfjet is incredibly easy to drive and free from any license restrictions which usually apply on jetskis. Steering of the DelfJet is done by shifting the riders weight. If you should happen to drop the DelfJet a cut-off switch kicks in, stopping it immediately.
The diving depth of the DelfJet can be set on the control panel of the water scooter according to individual needs. The standard diving depth has been pre-programmed to 2.5 meters for fun seekers and amateur divers. Higher spec models for scuba divers can dive to 50 meters. And the professional level Black Shadow version can dive to depths of up to 120 meters. A two-man rescue model is also available.

Apply only light pressure and the Delfjet Waterscooter will obligingly begin to dive. The electric drive mechanism incorporated into the Delfjet was developed to produce the ideal amount of torq with great efficiency and the 5 horsepower waterjet engine is emission-free and almost totally silent.

The electronic jet engine is also service and maintenance free and power comes from rechargeable high-energy Lithium-Ion cells that provide enough energy to run the Delfjet for an hour at full speed.
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