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Just picked up a JS440 hull with a 550 engine in it. Engine looked brand new, as if it had never really been run since install. It would start, run really bad and then when given RPM would not increase just sort of bog. Compression seemed fine.

Previous owner was stumped as I am sure whoever installed the new motor was. I figured a stumped owner is ready to make a deal. Offered $400 and took it home!

Turns out, the problem was, that whoever installed the 550 engine did not realize that this carb needs the RPM limiter, and they installed it in a 440 hull which did not have one! Simple fix, add restrictor to return line!

Spent the last week stripping all of the old graphics and filling and sanding the hull. Will paint it 80's colors and re-install the motor, hopefully have a great running ski for my friends to ride.

If you can't find a riding buddy, buy another ski right!
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