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My name's Ricky, I live in the Panhandle area of FL.. Finally got a Waverunner, it's a '97 Yamaha GP1200 I got from a guy I work with. He's owned it for 10 years, and the previous owner bought it brand new (he's a mechanic at Yamaha here).. so it's been taken care of from what I can tell, runs great.. minor idling issue, needs a little cosmetic/tune-up work, and work on the trailer but already had a blast on it today and yesterday!

Here's a picture of it, I put a set of ODI grips on it this morning too..

Has a few modifications that I'm aware of, and there are several that I'm not familiar with so he's making me a complete detailed list lol..

Going to browse around the forum, learn as much as I can!
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