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Hi everyone, I purchased a brand new 2018 Sea-Doo GTI SE last July. After 6 hours I noticed a pool of oil collecting towards front of engine in the hull. Took it back and service dept diagnosed it as a misaligned engine...ticket says they replaced retaining ring, gasket, oil seal, and boot kit all under warranty. At 15 hrs I had complete loss of power to the impeller in the middle of the lake. Engine would crank/rev but impeller was dead. So ski is back in the shop and Im waiting to hear from service dept (suspect stripped spline).

I would like to hear opinions from folks about what you would do. Keep the ski? Sell it? Ask dealership to full refund, allow trade-in, or extend warranty?

I like the dealership I purchased from but I feel like my money was wasted on a bad product given these problems. I decided against buying used to AVOID the exact problems I am experiencing now.

Not sure how much leverage I have given the 1 year limited warranty is up in a couple of weeks. At this point the ski has been in the shop longer than I've used it in the water.

Thanks, Jami
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