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Hi all. I am new to this forum. I am having trouble with my 1996 Sea Doo GSX 800 and was hopeing that i could find help here. This waverunner has about 50 hours on it. Last season when i got it out from being winterized it wouldnt start. I pretty much have to replace the battery every summer, but after replaceing it this year it started up and ran for about 15 min in the water then quit. The new battery had died. I charged it and it ran again till the battery died. I have never worked on this motor at all as it has beed very good to me up until this point. Im thinking it has a stator that might be the source of the problem, but im not sure. I also have no idea where the stator would be. Any ideas why the battery wont charge while the engine is running? Any help would be great! thanks
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