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Hi all :)

I am actually a member of the corvette forum which I think is the same owners of this one and the people there have saved me a lot of money with do it yourself fixes.

I have had a few standup jet skis in the past about 5 years ago a 440 and 550. I am making the plunge again tomorrow to buy a 93 kawasaki Super Sport XI that from what the owner tells me has rebuilt carbs and low miles. It will run good if you spray ether or some kind of starting fluid into the carbs. It will not get gas after that. I am not a mechanic on these but I can work on cars. These do have a fuel pump correct? Where is it located and how hard is it to replace if this is most likely the problem. How much are they? Is this common or could it be something else as in a regulator or anything else that delivers fuel? It was well taken care of and compression ect is all good. Any help? Thanks!:cheers:
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