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I recently finished my project turbo Miata build, and I think I am ready to get into the world of PWCs. I've been watching craigslist daily for PWCs w/ trailers and I've come to the conclusion I can pick up a 95-97 (sea doo, kawasaki, polaris) ski for roughly 1200-1800 with trailer. It would appear that most of the skis are 2 strokes during these years. Here come my questions:

1> Brand: Is there a specific brand to avoid between sea doo, polaris, kawasaki?? I am specifically looking at a 96 Kawa STS 750 so any comments on those would be beneficial :)

2> Two strokes: I've come to the conclusion that on my budget I will only be able to pick up a 2 stroke... can you pick up special two stroke oil from advance auto, etc, or is it dealer specific? If so, what is the general cost and fuel/oil mix ratio?

3> General maintenance: What is the approximate life (random issues excluded) with proper maintenance for a ski motor?

I apologize for the barrage of newb questions, and look forward to contributing to the forums in the future.
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