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Recently bought a non-running '94 Kawasaki SS XI with a 750. Not new to engine rebuilding, just to small engine/jet ski engines. Looking to learn, and get this thing running again. The guy told me he let his friend borrow it and it came back to him not running. He took the head off and saw water in the cylinders and assumed the head gasket was blown. I wanted to see if it would even turn over so he bumped it over for me and I bought it haha.

I tore the cylinder head off, and down at the bottom of the cylinder on the exhaust chamber I saw some water. The head gasket seamed fine to me, no weak spots/splits. I took the cast iron port that attaches the exhaust manifold to the exhaust pipe with the rubber coupler on it off and the metal exhaust pipe is full of water with a little bit of water in the exhaust manifold port. Not sure if water is supposed to be that far up in the exhaust system as I'm new to these.

Also, whats the easiest way to remove the driveshaft. I haven't purchased a shop manual yet.

Thanks in advance guys.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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