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I picked up this modified 89 650sx. It won’t start, I have a new starter coming soon. When I took off the exhaust manifold a lot of sand was in there.
My question is how do I flush this thing? Will this kit work? And where should I put it? To me,, it makes to install it before the water hits the engine. I have seen a few pictures of a flush system install on the tube that goes between the head, and the exhaust.
Also does this tubing look right? It seems the water would have a hard time exiting the system.
Any advice would be great.

Yamaha & Kawasaki Quick Disconnect-Universal With 3/8” Tee Flush Kit [L/ 12-4126 - W/ 18-0120 - M/ A8589]$37.80 - A&D Discount Performance

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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