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Hey guys I'm new to the world of PWC's, I've wanted one for a few years but now I've decided I'm going to finally get one. The one that I'm looking at is a 1999 Yamaha GP800. The jetski itself looks like it's in good shape, but it is a project because it will need some motor work. From the limited information I've got from the seller so far apparently "a piece of one of the cylinders broke off". I'm not sure if they were talking about the cylinder housing or the piston itself but something broke anyways. I figure at most what I would be looking at it is having to buy a new cylinder housing as well as a top end rebuild kit and put it back together.

Now a little about me, I'm not new to motor work at all. I've owned 9 motorcycles in the past 4 years, 3 of which I've done some rebuilding on the motors so I'm mechanically inclined and capable of doing the work. While I haven't owned a 2 stroke bike before I've heard that working on 2 strokes is generally an easier task.

Is this sort of project something that I should take on not having owned a jetski before? The motivation behind it is to save a little bit of money by buying a project. This Yamaha in particular I could get for $900 where a turn key version of the same thing tends to go for $2500-$3000 around here (Oregon). Here's some pictures of the one that I'm looking at


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