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Hello all, just picked up a '99 1100 STX. Not new to boating, but new to PWCs. I'm here to get some input on what to do to get it running. Here is what I know so far:

-Hasn't been in the water for about 10 years, hasn't been started in about 3.
(Has been on a trailer in a garage all this time).
-Was told it needed a battery, oil/fuel flushed, and the carbs cleaned.
-We attached a battery jumper to it, and it turns over (display shows 31 hours).
-took the airbox cover off, and noticed the plastic velocity stacks are dry rotted, will need to source a new box.

Here is my plan of attach so far:

-find an original owners manual/repair manual
-drain/replace the oil and fuel
-replace all the fuel lines (is there an Ethanol safe fuel line yet?)
-change the plugs
-see if the battery will hold a charge (most likely not, might be original battery)
-find a new airbox
-give it a good cleaning

Any other areas I should look into? What issues are prone to this model?

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I have the same ski, looks like you have most of area's covered, my ski tends to start hard the first time. Make sure you have the choke all the way out, be careful when you start it out of the water, turn the water on after the engine is running.
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