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Hey all... new to the forum! Been pokin' around and trying to find some info on repairing something on my Yamaha XL 1200

Symptom: From stand still in water, I attempt to accelerate and it revs high and has minimal thrust. I can baby the throttle and get it to about 13-15mph and then it will go... but mainly it just revs up and spins.

Someone once told the part i needed to replace... but i forgot.

i also would like any tips or guides for the replacement, ie: how labor intensive, parts cost, other components that should be replaced at the same time, etc.

I have never worked on a PWC before as this is my first. I can rebuild a motor, i can lift your truck, but i am completely clueless as to these fun machines.

Thanks in advance!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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