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new to the water

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so i have a ? im about to title and register my pwc in il i know that you get a number and a sticker now if i want to take it out of state do i need another number or just a sticker ?
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The Dept. of Natural Resources sends you just the title, registration card, and sticker which has your registration number on it. Then you have to buy the numbers and put them on the hull.

What do you mean by "take it out of state?" If you are just going to ride in a different state and come back to IL you don't need anything but your registration card. If you are actually moving to another state you will need to register the PWC in that state and they will issue you a whole new title and number that you'll have to reapply on your hull. Unless it's a state that does not issue titles to PWC then you'll get no title.
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