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REMY said:
the gp1300r is a great ski,,, not really family friendly, cuz it sucks with two people, has little storage, bad on gas milaege, etc. etc.

whats your budget? do you want another 3 seater? do u need storage? you want 2 or 4 stroke?

have you seen the new SHO, or rxt-x..

and whoever told you that the motor has to be rebuilt at 300 hrs, has nothing to base that on except that they probably rebuilt theres with 300 hours on it..
I agree with Remy on the GP1300 it is a great ski for jumping and going fast, defiantly not a 2 person unit...
FYI this is the last year for production... not sure, but the guy from (Why is it all of your posts are advertising for this place? All posts will now be edited. Do not spam again or else you will be banned. If you want to advertise, then speak with the administrator.) told me that at the boat show...
If you are looking for good deals, the do have some noncurrent units and I just bought an SHO from them...
Their prices are really good and they know their stuff pretty well.
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