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I am new to the PWC world. I really never rode skis only when I was little 10 or 11. Well some friends ask me to come with them to the lake this summer. Any ways they have a 2002 1100STX and I this a 2001 Ultra 150. I had a blast. So now I looking to get a couple. I am coming from a life style of motoross.

So any way I been doing research and narrow down my chooses to these

The wife said she doesn't really care about the power just want it to look good. I like the feel of power rite off the bat. the 1100 stx and the 150 seem to have that the 150 seem a little wobble the 1100 seem more solid in the water

So what your opion on the PWC above? I working with a 3000 limit each

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You can get a nice 800cc Waverunner 2001/2002 for at about 3000. Brand new trailer runs around $1700. (but there are plenty of used ones out there) You would like something atleast 1000cc+. I have a 770CC 3seater, they are fun, but at 55mph, i want it to be alot faster.

There are plenty of 1100, 1200 cc yamahas and seadoo's out there around your price range as well. Ultra150's are pretty sweet. nice and clean ski. guy around here has one jet black, took me a while to figure out exactly what kind of ski it was.

No doubt you wont be able to make a nice set of ski's with a trailer for around $6-7K
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