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Hello All:

I'm new to the group but have had great luck on other product forums so I plan on being fairly active.

I bought a 1994 Yamaha VXR Pro this past summer and besides being very thirsty all it needed was an oil cap. The ski does everything I need it to do since we are on a small inland lake and don't need huge speed.

I've ordered a cover and some new Hydro Turf.

The ski is purple and yellow. I'd like to replace the bumbers (gunwales) that are on the sides of the ski. They are yellow in color. I have the part numbers but can't find them at any store.

Question: Is there a system out there that searches for obsolete Yamaha parts? or do you guys know of a source for these? I'd ever go with black if need be.

I love the ski but just want to touch it up a little.

Any feedback for me would be great.
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