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I have a 1983 JS440 and a 1988 JS440 I want to make 1 good ski and one with left

So far I have the 88 motor in the 83 hull (better shape) since it was pulling 120psi in both cylinders. Mods are PJS exhaust, Mariner water box, westcoast ride plate, PJS intake grate. this is where I am now all the rest is still stock. I have a lot of play in my input shaft at the bulk head the bearing or seal is shot... tried swamping them but could not get the impeller off so i ordered the tool for it. Was wondering if I can buy a rebuild kit that would fix the seal/bearing or if I should just swap it out with the other skis.

I am mechanically capable so don't be afraid to go in depth in descriptions and procedures. I would like to do as many cheap to free things that i can to wake this ski up (as much as you can with a 440)

I also have a 550 pump and drive shaft would this help my ski in anyway with out a 550 motor?

Thanks in advance and I will post pics later.
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