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I just bought a 1992 750 SS and had a few really dumb questions. Is there a drain plug on these? How do you drain the bilge? Is their a pump? Also what kind of oil should I use? Should I have a fire extinguisher? Where do they get mounted? Any other technical specs would be great. Also If I was to spend $100-200 on a modification what would you guys do? Intake Grate? Exhaust? I'm pretty happy with it so far however I have only had a couple hours of riding time in. The previous owner had a shop put in a rebuilt motor in 3 years ago and it was used rarely since then, the engine still looks clean and new. Anything else I should look out for on this model? I'm looking for a little more accel and power, maybe some top end speed. I still have to GPS it but it "feels" like the top speed is about 40. Does this seem about right for a stoke 750? Any info / links would be of help. Thanks!!
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