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hey everyone, i live in eastern canada and have unfortunately have not been on the water in quite some time, i am a former canadian coast guard employee having spent a few years piloting a zodiak 733 fast rescue craft with twin merc 150 outboards (very fun machine), and now that i am working in a different career, i miss the big blue.

anyhow, i am looking at purchasing a PWC, and through dealing with friends who have them, and reading what forum posters have said, i am leaning strongly toward the yamaha FX cruiser series, however i have a few questions that i was hoping someone here could help me answer.

supercharged or not? i love my outdoor sports, and i love having power at my disposal, but i want this for some cruising and travelling with one on back and to be comfortable. is there a major diference in power with a supercharger? are they much less reliable to own?

what is the top speed of the N/A model as supposed to the SHO? will i be dissapointed if i go with the non supercharged model power wise?

also, this is for mixed salt and fresh water usage, is that an issue?

thanks everyone
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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