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HI my name is Iniquite and Im a newbie. So heres my situation. I just picked up a couple of old js440's. One is a 79 that was used as a parts ski to feed the 88 js440. These are my first stand ups and until I get one running I havent even riden one. The 88 was supposedly a race ski at one point in its life. I got the pair for 300 bones but neather currently run. The 88 needs a stator that the donor ski next to it has. Im mechanically inclined but I dont know these machines at all. I know I need to but a book and will soon. But I was hoping to tap in to the years of know how from people that live for this. So heres a couple questions: There are a BUNCH of tubes floating around that I have no idea where they go, any ideas? The 79 has dual carbs but the 88 has only one, why? Does any one have a pfd manual for these skis?

Any suggestions, advice or info would be great!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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