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Newbie PWC, New 3D:Too much smoke?

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Newbie PWC owner. Just bought one of the "new old stock" 2005 Seadoo 3D (base model). Advertised as "0 hrs" for a great price (maybe). Im handy with vehicles but know nothing about the Rotax 2 cycles (YET). (ebay service manuals are on the way).

It has not been in the water yet. I have started it up in the driveway a couple of times with flush hookup. It smokes quite a bit. Download the video and open it: smoke edited

Is this too much smoke? What could cause it? Is it just "break in oil"? Is there an oil pump adjustment?

If it could be serious (read high $) problem, i guess I need to get a competent Seadoo mechanic to diagnose it so i can persue a refund or adjustment with the seller.

I've got a list of auth seadoo dealers around the middle/north GA area. Can anybody specifically recommend a dealer or mechanic in this area?
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Yikes, check to make sure your exhaust is tight. There should only be smoke coming out of the exhaust port on the lower left side. I'd also check to see what kind of oil you put in. DO NOT USE WEED WACKER OIL!!! Only use the seadoo stuff. It is expensive, but your motor will last 192374980612398074 times longer. I hope this helps
Re: too much smoke?

It has whatever oil the dealership put in it. I assume its the correct type. I will drain and replace it before use. Smoke seems to be coming from the exhaust port. Note all others have said this was pretty normal and it will smoke less in the water and after break in.
Thought i would follow this old thread up. Finally got it on the water for the first time this past week (had to winterize back in October and put it up due to too little time to get to the lake).

The 3D actually got to the point of not starting in the fall. Old plugs, which appeared nearly new as this 3D had close to zero hours, were definitely bad as they had measurable leakage with an ohmmeter. After a plug change it started right up and ran fine on the lake and there was NOT excessive smoke.

Indeed, it seemed to use VERY little oil as there the tank was down only about 1 1/2 inches while running probably 6 gallons of gas. Not sure what the optimal mix should be.
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