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Hello all - a question from the newbie. My dad just gave me his old jet ski which isn't running correctly. 1997 Kaw 1100STX. Very nice ski, only 140 hours. Only problem is that it won't go over 35mph. Ski will plane out and cruise at low RPMs, but open it up and it just falls on itself. At about 35mph (not sure of the RPMs) it acts like its choking itself out.

My dad pulled and replaced the old plugs last fall, and found that the ground electrode on one of the cylinders had been pushed up into the tip. I wasn't there to see this so I can't give any more details.

The first thing that comes to mind is the reed valves. Is it possible one broke off and was sucked into the engine? What are these reed valves made of? After hearing about that spark plug i'm afraid more engine damage occured.

Thank you for your responses. I've been pondering this most of the winter, and now that we're getting some decent weather I figure I better get moving!

Take care....
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