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Hi everyone! I'm new here so let me introduce myself as someone who's looking to own a jet ski and wants to do his homework before making that big step.

I do have a couple questions...

1 - Is it ok to roll or tip-over a pwc with a 4-stroke engine in the water? I've heard as soon as you do that on a 4-stroke, you're in trouble. Where as a 2-stroke is more ok to be submerged in water.

2 - Is a 2-stroke engine ok for towing? One of the main reasons I want a jet ski is so I can take my friends tubing. I understand that 4-strokes generally offer more power, but will a 2-stroke get the job done?

3 - What would you recommend for a guy who will only drive a jet ski for a couple hours maybe 4-5 weekends per year?

So in a nutshell, I'm looking for something I can just gas up and go. I don't really have a lot of free time or too many resources to baby or fine tune a future PWC, so I'm looking for reliability and something easy to maintain. I'll only be using this maybe 10-20 hours MAX per year up at a private Michigan lake. All my research has told me that I should really get a Yamaha instead of a Sea-doo. I've also heard that a 2-stroke may be better for what I'm looking for.

I should also mention that right now I'm looking at a 2005 Yamaha VX 110 with a 4-stroke engine for $4300. Good price, but it's a used model from Florida (salt water use), but has a new engine in it which has around 50 engine hours on it. The original engine had over 200 hours on it because it was a rental. Good deal? Bad deal?

If anyone can help me out with answers to any of these questions I would greatly appreciate it!!

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