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my son has obtained a 98 xi sport at a great price. the v-roller at winch had came off w/out previous owners knowledge and ski bounced around and put 2 holes from framework in front. their son unloaded it and started riding, it filled w/water and sunk and he did not know what to do. they put back on trailer and left it. water in motor rusted bearings and locked up. family is not mechanical and sold very cheaply. pulled engine and took apart and have new bearings and rings on the way. we purchased a service manual that tells how to take apart and put together but nothing on principles of operation. i have plenty of engine experience but not much 2-stroke. i had a boat motor that pulled oil and gas thru crankcase to lube crank and connecting rods. a friend says his seadoo crank sits in a oil bath. where would i find good info on how kawasaki lubes their crankshafts. i want to make sure i i understand the lube system before reassembling engine.
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