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How deep does the water have to be to be able to ride a waverunner?

We have a cabin by the river. The river is usually 2 to 4 feet deep and we thought it would be fun to buy a cheap waverunner to ride around the river.

Another question is that there are some rocks and trees in the river as well. How durable are they and do they offer some sort of protective plate for the bottom in case we was to run over a rock or something of the sorts?

Thanks for any and all help,

two feet is pushing it,,, cuz you gotta remember when your throttling up, the ass drops down.....

they do make a keel guard, its made for protecting the keel when beached, but as for hitting trees or rocks! theres nothing for that,, except maybe get a metal jon boat:laugh:....... but seriously, i would put an aftermarket bilge pump on, with a switch,, just incase you do hit something you could make it to shore before it sank.....
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