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Hey gang, what a great forum for watercrafts!!!
I scored a pair of very low hour ski's 01 1200XLT and 01 800GPR.
They hadn't seen water in four plus years.
My son and I drained the old fuel, replaced batteries, plugs, and started them on a garden hose in the driveway.
A little slow to start but once lit they seemed to rev up well.
We put 'em in the lake Sat and the 1200 did fine, the 800 wouldn't rev up under a load and had lots of exhaust smoke.
Back at the house we spotted where the oil injection cable for throttle position wasn't returning, I bought a carb spring and got it functioning.
Back on the pond Sun the 800 experienced the same problem, and after 15 minutes the 1200 started doing the same thing.
I found the online owners manual of no assistance and can't find a technicians manual. Does anyone know a site I can link one up on?
My guess is that the carbs are gummed up, it appears that the carbs are very hard to get to, it looks like they're directly beneath the exhausts expansion chamber.
Anyone have any ideas about how to nurse them or a fuel addidtive to clean theirselves out ?
I think these babies will be a blast once running properly, the 1200 was wicked fast and on one occasion the 800 pulled very hard for 2 seconds but then fell on it's face again.
I'm reasonably certian it's fuel delivery or the carbs, the fuel filters had lots of fuel coming through but I'm getting new ones Tues.

Thanks in advance for any insight you guys and girls might have.:thumbsup:

See ya,

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If the carbs have been sitting with gas in them for 4 years they will most likely need a rebuild. I doubt you will find any fuel additive that will help.
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