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Well one of the most dependable machines I've got let me down this past weekend. I pulled out the Waverunner to have a little fun this past weekend and it would not start. This machine usually starts as soon as you hit the starter button, although this summer it has sat since Memorial weekend when I pulled it out of storage. I started it briefly then but that is it.
After trying to fire it , I pulled the plugs. They were both wet, I then checked for spark and it had spark but to me it seemed kind of weak. I've never had to work on this so I really don't know what the spark should look like to begin with. It shot a small amount of starting fluid and it would fire briefly but wouldn't stay running.
My guess is bad gas... I thought I filled it with new gas Memorial weekend but I might of just topped off what was left in there from last year. I pulled the carb and change the diaphram things, and drained the gas but is there anything else I should look at ? As it turns out , it was a good thing it didn't run , I found a crack in the gas tank. Right were the pickup thing is hose clamped to the tank. That whole flange thing was busted.. can't figure out how though.
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