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Hi All,

I am keen to purchase my first Jet Ski and have seen a Yamaha WR500 advertised as 'For Spares or Repair'. Apparently the guy that owns it has started to strip the engine down and it needs a new crankshaft bearing kits and gasket set. He has never run the jetski so it might not work!!

My questions are simple -

do you all think this is worth it (cost is likely to be about $150 for the unit)?

Are the parts difficult to come by for this model?

Is this model relatively simple to work on? I am an experienced car mechanic but have never even looked at a jet ski engine!!

Where would i find a workshop manual for this model?

Sorry for all the questions but if anyone can help me i'd really appreciate it!


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150$ for the whole ski?

are you planning on riding alot?

the ski is very very dated compared to todays speed and hull design..

its a very easy ski to work on,, parts arent to expensive for it but might be hard to come by, i was able to get the entire front fiberglass hood for a friend of mine all i had to do was pay shipping,, so if you need parts i can find them for you fairly easy..

you could probably find the manuals on ebay,, this manual site i know doesnt go back that far to the wr's
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