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Hey everyone. My name is Shane. I live in Phoenix, AZ (still hittin the lakes and hope to though October!).

Way back in the day, I used to ride a Kawasaki 440. I sold that a long long time ago but recently got the itch to start riding again. I picked up a used 1991 Kawasaki 650sx. The ski was in good shape, and started right up on the bench, ran good and had good throttle response (only ran it for about 30 seconds).

Got it out to the lake this weekend and quickly found that it wouldnt idle. The po says he set the idle screw that way so it would just die when he fell off. Well, thats cool if you dont fall often but as a re-learner, I was down more than I was up! Finally, the battery had enough and died on me...

So, I need to set the idle screw back so it will idle for me when I fall. If the time comes for me to have the ski die when I fall, I will add a stop strap. So, I have 2 questions.

1. I found the diagram of the carb on the Kawasaki site. The idle screw looks like the big one a the top of the carb. If I adjust that to idle, will I need to adjust the low and main needles or can I simply adjust the idle and call it good (I would think the latter is true but I have been wrong many many times before!).

2. Shop manual. I need one. What one would you guys recommend and where would be the best spot to buy one? I own a 1995 Ford Bronco so I am not afraid to put a wrench on it (anyone who owns a Bronco has at least some experience wrenching!!). I just have zero experience working on a jetski and would feel much better with a manual.

Thanks in advance guys. Sorry if these are repeat noob questions. I did search but as I sorted the threads, I didnt find specifics as needed...

PS. Any other AZ guys on this board???
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