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ok, so my step dad decides that it is a great idea to change the oil in our hondas in the middle of the winter. Any ways, they have been sitting our garadge for a while now (since last winter) and still have anti freeze in them. So i go to blow the antifreeze out, and it starts fine, all the anti freeze comes out, and i am excited that it started. Then i turn it off, take a pump, and pump the oil from the dip stick place, and from the drain pan, fill the top, and during all this lose the friking cap that goes in the back. Then i go to change the filter, its all cool. The problem is this took me about two or three hours, and the two skis were out side in pretty cold temp.(around 32F), so then i go to start it, and guess what!!?? it doesnt. it cranks but doesnt start, any ideas, did the water freeze inside? and should i take it into a heated garage, or did i screw up pn the oil change somehow. o and where can i get another one of those caps. THANK YOU SO MUCH for any help
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