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I have experienced an oil leak which caused about 1/3 of the oil to drain from my boat while 'parked' on the trailer (is a 2 stroke model). At first, I thought it might be one of the connections - no luck however in finding the source. Only a slick in the bilge after a couple of days storage. Eventually, I replaced the oil tank, filter and all hoses. On the first outing after the replaced parts install I noticed the bilge pump emitting oil (I had been riding pretty aggressive). When I cleaned the bilge and placed the boat on the trailer in an extreme 'nose up' position to drain, I noticed all the oil had accumulated to the rear of the oil tank and was weeping from the top outlet where the oil sending unit is placed. In the past I had this particular connection come loose during hard riding and the bilge flooded with almost half a tank's worth of oil. To remedy, I place a hose clamp to constrict the outlet / sending unit plug. It appears this does not tighten the connection sufficient to keep oil from seeping out when the tank is filled to the brim, the boat is stored 'nose up' or rode aggressively.

My question is this - is there some type of rubber tape (vulcanizing) that I can use to seal this connection? After realizing that I have replaced parts unnecessarily, I refuse to pull the oil tank and start a 'do over'.

PS: I own 2 - same model, same year. Both have roughly 70 hrs. I have spent more time working on both (clogged carbs, defective ignition module, drive axle separation, etc) than riding !!!! Polaris quality is the worst. I tried to trade them in on two new Yamaha models and they would not even take them in trade !!! So, I am committed to these "dogs' to the bitter end. Any help would be appreciated.
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