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I've got two 2002 Sea-Doo GTI LE's and I'm replacing the top end on both of them after we bought them with water damaged cylinders. I'm planning to send off the used cylinders that I buy to fullboreonline and have them bore and hone the cylinders and fit pistons to them. I hear and read SO MANY differing opinions on what pistons will work/are best/will fail or not fail etc. What I THINK I've read is that provided I have a stock motor and use the ski's for casual/fun riding then I can go with the WSM's (I'll splurge and go with the platinum coated ones). But, i've also had other people say go with the Pro-X pistons no matter what or you'll be sorry. So, here are my questions:

1. Has anyone here had any personally witnessed failures of the WSM's when used in the above application, stock motor, casual riding etc?

2. Is it at all beneficial to go with the Pro-X pistons if I'm not going to use the ski's for racing/super hard riding conditions? I mean, I can spend the $80 extra bucks per ski on them if they really are that beneficial but obviously, with having to redo both ski's, I'd rather not if it's not necessary.

3. I'm going to rent a needle bearing removal tool to remove the current pistons. Since the new ones will have caged bearings (right?), will I need this tool to replace them or not?

I think that's all the questions for now. I'll post more if I think of something. Thanks in advance. I used the search function but didn't find anything that answered these questions.
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