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Good morning. I basically joined to get two old Jet ski's up and running reliable.

I'll be trading an older Suzuki motor cycle for two older stand up jet ski's and would like to know how to decipher the year and such.

One is a single cyl and the other is a 550 but unsure of the year.

Both ran but the js300(?) runs intermittently..
The hulls are pretty faded from sitting outside therefor I was hoping to use one to adapt the motor/drive into an older aluminum fishing boat, and just play with the other one.

Single cyl serial# is: kaw47031B686

Twin is: kaw221451788

Is it as easy as reading the last two numbers? 86, 88?

And another thing.. What are the items that give the most problems with these models?

What can be done to modify for better performance/upgrades?

Thank you. E
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