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A friend flipped over my 1996 STS Kawasaki. By the time I got it, it was full of water in the engine area. I drained it and pulled the spark plugs and blew out the cylinders. It seemed ok then it locked up:( I called Kawasaki and they said to continue blowing out the cylinders. Is there anything else i can do to get the water out> ideas? I can not afford to replace this unit so any help is much appreciated.

Kathleen, if it locked up it sounds like something is majorly wrong.
But, if you can still turn it over you need to get all the water out, pour some fuel in the carbs, clean off the plugs with carb cleaner and keep trying to start it. You might have to do that 10 times before it starts and will stay running.
You have to get it running right away when you swamp the motor or it will start rusting. I have done it several times in my 18 years of PWC riding. Once it will stay running, you take it out on the water and ride it for a least 10-20 minutes to get all the water and let the engine lube itself up again.

A "hydro-lock" is when water gets on top of the piston and water does not compress and you can bend a connecting rod and then sometimes(depending on how bad) it will lock the motor and not turn over at all. Sometimes it will turn over but will never run right again until the slightly bent con rod on the crankshaft is repaired with a new one.

Post back on what happens or if you need anymore help.
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