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Hi Folks,
I'm new the forum and will be purchasing a Ski within the next few weeks. As you may have guessed, I'm looking for opinions on what to get.

I plan to get a 3 seater capable of towing a tube or board mostly in fresh water. I'm concerned about HP and have been looking primarily at SeaDoo models - GTX 155 or RXT 215.

I'm around 225lbs and wonder if the 155 will be enough.

Please offer opinions (SeaDoo or any other mfg).

Hi I'm Bob from Delaware. I own three Sea Doo Jet skis, 2009 RXT-IS, 2008 GTX 215, 2006 RXT with a Riva Stage Three kit on it, you are on the right track by getting a three seater for what you want to do. As far as power goes I would recomend the 215 horse power model whether it be an RXT or a GTX 215 basically the same ski. I have always found that you shouldn't have to run an engine hard as in almost wide open all the time vs more horsepower with less strain on the motor. Plus you always have more performance if you want it. I am 6' tall and weigh 225 lbs also. The 215 hp supercharged models will top out between 67-69 mph. My 2006 RXT runs between 74-76 mph with mods. I definately would recomend Sea Doo over any other brand. My friends all run Sea Doo as well.:thumbsup::D
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