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garden hose hook up

I just did this the other day and it's much simpler than i thought - maybe even simpler than taking a picture on my phone and trying to upload it! :) You have to take a garden hose (the end that's not hook up to the house spicket) and cut off hose near the metal end. This leaves a rubber open end of the garden hose. Now just remove the black rubber cap on your PWC (you may have to remove the hose clamp if there is one). You can now put the open ended hose onto the exposed hose adapter on your PWC. For extra insurance, I used the hose clamp to make sure the hose doesn't come off while the engine is running. Just remember to turn on the water after the PWC is started and shut off the water before you turn off the engine. If you still want me to post a pic, please let me know.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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