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We are visiting Miami next month for a week and I would rent to play, but it's so darn expensive that instead I will either carry my own or not ride at all. Are there any good areas to explore down there? I thought it would be really cool to go into the Everglades a little but I've since heard that you can't. My ski is small, a pair of 94 xp's so I really dont want to get into any rough ocean but wouldn't mind running them down the beach or up and down the intercoastal, or carry them halfway down the keys and running around, but if the areas I can explore are limited, it won't be worth the hassle, plus there's the salt water issue. I guess I need to flush them asap after use. Does anyone have any suggestions on this, or even want to rent me their larger ski or skis for a few days or more down there?
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