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please help loud rattle either from back or under jet ski 97 montego

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i have a 97 montego i am very new to jet skis this is the first time i started this guy up and it has a loud rattle sounds like metal on metal grinding rattling its coming from either all the way in back or underneith please help any ideas pleaseee
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it can be the prop start out by removeing the prop and the driveshaft and see if you still have that sound
oh sorry yes start it and hear if the sound is still there then report back lol
no just remove the 4 bolts on the back of the ski and the rubber water hose and everything will come out then i dont know if you have the update shaft that it screws to the motor or it just slids in to the motor but no matter what the shaft has to come out so you wont damage the bearing
did you remove the prop all the way out?
it can be 3 things 1 your wear ring is no good 2 you need to rebuild your pump 3 your motor needs to be aline with your prop
you better hope its not your wear ring cuz its a $300 plus part. you must remove the prop with the housing so you can spine the prop by hand woth the prop next to your ear and listen if thats the sound you hear. lets not worrie about the wear ring right now so do that fist then i will tell you how to aline the motor
if you can remove the driveshaft and remove the floting bearing and turn the bearings with your fingers if its ok then see if your shaft is not bent and look at your motor coupler see if it does not have play
motor coupler is where the driveshaft goes into.. that should NOT have any play... next step we will aline the motor
first do it with your hand then with the shaft
how did the pump go back in did you have to force or move the driveshaft to install the prop back into the wear ring?
jet pump is the housing where the prop is.. now look at the prop is it hitting the wear ring?
ok you said with the pump removed and the driveshaft removed the motor was making the sound?
i really do think that your prop is hitting the wear ring... see if you can shake your motor by hand like see if you can moe your motor up and down and side to side.
sounds like you need to rebuild your pump
look at the pic thats what you need to rebuild


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go to my website Tigershark and go to the hard to find parts page and click on all the links till you find the cheapest website that has the bearings and plus if you dont have a manual for your jetski you can also download it on my website for free. my website has all the info you need all for free let me know how it works out for you
yes just replace everything
no just the bearings and the o-rings
what state you from?
oic i was going to ask if your from ma just bring it to my shop so i can help you out.... just take anykind of wrench that will fit the bolt and hold the prop with a towel so you wont heart your hand and just remove the bolt
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